Simulating the world of the Future

We tell visual stories about fast open source collaboration between unique individuals. Since the age of the industrial revolution our societies have fought and strived to build ever more faster. Our factories are designed for workers to build endless rivers of hard goods and the assembly line is a crowning achievement of civilization. What if there is a different way? What if the most important information for the assembly of an item is no longer construction of a pipeline but instead a fast distributed process, able to quickly switch and build unique tools for the future instead. Atlas Sailed is building a simulation of a future world, an ideal world. What would be the best use of intelligent machines? Could we build a prototype today?

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Atlas Sailed is a rapid prototyping network of curious, not-yet-existent, robot individuals. We experiment with new methods for quickly building a standard process for a single maker to prototype a new way of doing things.

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  • How do we use it?
  • What if there are many?
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Atlas Sailed


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Q: What is a fundamental question? A: Is this safe? A: Do we have eneough water?

Q: What do I do here? A: Click Buttons Q: Why? A: Because it's fun.

Q: Is advertising on this site? A: No

Q: define instruction A: 1. Noun A Message describing how something is done. - Wolfram Alpha

Q: define project A: 4. Verb Make or work out a plan for; devise - Wolfram Alpha

Q: define idea A: 4. Noun An approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth - Wolfram Alpha